Production Credits



 Stage Production, Los Angeles, 1997

by Euripides

produced by
Lorenda Starfelt

directed by
Brad Mays

movement scoring by
Kim A. Weild

original musical score by
Peter Girard

production stage manager
Leslie Ann Kent

Richard Werner * Lynn Odell * TJ Ryan

Phillip C. Curry * Critt Davis * Robert Brewer

Michael Franklin * Darrin O'Connor * Todd Erickson

as the Holy Bacchae:

Deborah Ayers * Amy Arnelle * Dorie Barton * Tina Van Berckelaer * Lauren Bergen * Gwen Brownson * Rebecca Dashow * Bernadette Duffy * Leanne Fonteyn * Cristin Hill * Carmel Morgan * Kennon Raines * Ramona Reeves * Andrea Ruth * T.C. Smith * Lorenda Starfelt * Tracey Telshaw * Michelle Walden * Catherine Yurkovich


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