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Due to demand from around the world, we are offering video clips of the entire, uncensored presentation of Lorenda Starfelt’s 1997 production of Euripides’ masterwork THE BACCHAE, performed at the Complex in Los Angeles under the direction of Brad Mays. The videotaping was authorized by the Lincoln Center’s Library and Museum of Performing Arts, which is now known as the Billy Rose Collection at the central branch of the New York Public Library. The conditions under which the video was shot were far from ideal, so the picture and sound quality leave much to be desired. Nevertheless, much of the impact of this stunningly visceral presentation pushes through all the obvious technical limitations. The movement scoring work of Kim A. Weild, of which this is the only known record, is obviously wonderful. Lynn Odell is brilliant in the role of Agave, as is Richard Werner as Dionysus. The ensemble of holy Maenads has tremendous power, and Phillip C. Curry’s superb Teiresias is almost unbearably moving. Obviously, nothing can replace having seen the actual production, which ran for ten weeks and, according to theater owner/manager Matt Chait, broke all previous attendance and box office records at the Complex.

Clip # 1: Pre-Show and Opening Ritual

Clip # 2: Teirseias, Cadmus and Pentheus

Clip # 3: Agave, Pentheus and Dionysus


Clip # 4: Dionysus, Agave and the Holy Bacchae (end Act One)

Clip # 5: Teiresias, Dionysus, Pentheus, Herdsman, the Holy Bacchae

Clip # 6: Dionysus, Pentheus, the Holy Bacchae

Clip # 7: Cadmus, Teiresias, Agave, Dionysus, the Holy Bacchae

Clip # 8: Cadmus, Teiresias, Agave, Dionysus, the Holy Bacchae – The End.


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